Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Homework Machine

I set up some character quotes from the book to change it up a little.

Douglas, Judy
Page 5: “This is so unfair.  I have only straight A’s and I’m in the G&T program.  That is for gifted and talented.  I would never break the law or do any-thing dishonest.  Things just got out of control.  The next thing we new we had to go talk to the police.  Do you have any idea on how humiliating this en-tire ordeal has been for me?  Do you know how upset my parents were when they found out?  And now this is going on my permanent record, probably for the rest of my life.  If this keeps me out of law school someday, I will be so angry.  I’ll sue.”

Page 28: “If he really did have a machine that did homework for you, I wanted to see it.  I work so hard on homework and Brenton still gets better grades than I do.  I wanted to see the tricks he was using.”

Page 79: “By January, we were using belch every-day.  I had stopped doing my homework on my own entirely.  I never thought about doing my homework that way any more.  It was so much easier using belch.”

Page 126: “Finally I couldn’t take it any more.  I grabbed the plug and just yanked it out of the wall.”

Judy is a fifth grader who is at a school near the Grand Canyon.  Judy gets assigned a seat with three other kids.  The three kids names are: Brenton Kelsey, and Sam (who gets called Snik).  There group section is named the D squad.  Judy starts off liking school and school work and turns into a
Teachers pet.  Once Judy learns about the homework machine she feels a little unsure about using the homework machine but after a couple times she begins to like using the homework mach-ine. 

Damagatchi, Brenton
Page 6: “It’s interesting how something’s happen sometimes.  If I line up ten dominoes and I push over the first one all the others will fall one by one.  But if I leave the first one alone the other dominoes remain standing.  Life is like that.  The way your life lays out depends on which dominoes you leave alone.  In this case we just pushed over the wrong domino.”

Page 23-24: “It was a mistake on my part.  I allowed my emotions govern my behavior.  … I suppose I didn’t appreciate Snik making fun of me.  But it was a fatal blunder on my part to have told him about the homework machine.  I accept full responsibility. 

Page 44: There was one thing I never told anyone.  Shortly after I started using the homework machine for my own purposes, I received a mysterious e-mail.  It was from somebody who would like to meet me.  That’s all it said.  At the bottom it had a name: R. Milner.  … He could have been crazy, or a child molester, or whatever.  I ignored the message.

Page 120-121: “I guess I can admit this now.  I was the one who called the police hotline, and I leaked the item into the school newspaper.  This is what I told them, and this was the truth.  I had given it a lot of thought.  It may not have been morally wrong for me to use belch for my homework, but it was mor-ally wrong for Snik and Kelsey to use it as a crutch.  It was morally wrong for me to break the agreement we had made.  But it would also have been morally wrong for me not to break the agreement and let them continue using Belch.  It was a lose-lose situation.  … In that regard, I am a coward

Brenton is a fifth grader that goes to the same school that Judy, Snik, and Kelsey go to.  Brenton is also part of the D squad.  Brenton wears a button down shirt, long pants no matter how hot it was, and he would even sometimes where a tie!  Brenton started out using the homework machine in Sept-ember but then accidentally spilled the beans to Snik.  Snik started bullying Brenton when Judy and Kelsey over heard.  Brenton seemed to be quite anti-social at the beginning of the book but then it seems like he made three friends.  

Dawkins, Sam
Page 3-4: “My name is Sam Dawkins, but every-body calls me Snikwad on the account of that’s my last name spelled backward.  Dawkins.  Snikwad.  … Most kids call me ‘Snik.’  It’s kinda cool.  … My parents moved here from Oregon.  My dad is in the air force and that’s why we moved to Arizona.  He was assigned to Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix.  The bottom line is, we messed up.  Stuff happens.  We are not perfect.  We all feel bad.  We won’t do it again.  What are you gonna do throw us in jail or something….  What do you need more than that?  Details?”

Page 15: “Let me think.  First impressions?  Judy: stuck up.  Kelsey: A loser.  Brenton: A mutant dork from another planet.  I was the only cool one.”

Page 27: Judy’s quote.  “I told Snik to leave Bren-ton alone.  But he wouldn’t.  He pestered him all the way out to the playground.  It was really mean.  Snik is one of those kids who don’t know when to stop.  He’ll do something mean… and you tell him to stop it, but he’ll keep doing it.  Then you raise your voice a little and you say stop it and he keeps doing it.  And then finally you shout at him ‘STOP IT!’ and he acts like, ‘Whoa! You don’t have to SHOUT.’  But you do have to shout.  Because if you don’t shout, he doesn’t get the message.”

Page 142: “I tried to be cool about it, nut it was impossible.  My heart was jumping out of my chest.  I had just beaten Brenton Damagatchi, the kid who was so smart that he got every kid in America to where red socks to school!  If I can beat him, that means I’m pretty smart too.”

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